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Women Connecting Through Art And Consciousness


Women are innate creators and nurturers, we are meant to gather and support our true natures to feel safe, playful, and free to bear witness to one another as creative abundant beings.


Soul Call Workshops
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I created Soul Call Workshops to facilitate the emergence of our creative wisdom. While engaging in the modern world, we forget about the divinely inspired creative force that is within all of us.

In our workshops, we create a safe, nurturing environment for women to open themselves freely without judgment. Once together, we explore modalities like yoga, meditation, music, movement, art, drama, and poetry making. These modalities awaken and sustain a flow state of Creative Energy within us. We listen closely to our inner guidance and respond freely and creatively. We prepare our bodies and minds to operate from a flow state, setting our inner critic aside to allow something beautiful to emerge. You will learn tools to get out of your own way, have fun and set the soul free. Create expressive art that brings you, Joy!



As a yoga and meditation teacher for many years I have been dedicated to raising my own consciousness.  As a drama teacher, artist and singer I have experienced how tuning into the subtle energies of the spirit ignite the Divine creativity which resides within all of us.  I wasn't always on this uplifted path, for years I was a stressed out mother of two, working full time and not having any clue what was going on inside of me.  I sought relief by attending a meditation class and that was the beginning of my unfolding.  I have created Soul Call Workshops because I believe that women today crave a connection to their authentic selves and a safe nurturing environment in which to explore and create.  I encourage people to trust themselves, let go of limiting beliefs and be creative. I currently live in both Ajijic and Baja California Mexico.  In the fall of 2023 I became a certified Sistership Circle facilitator for supportive women's circles.  I now offer both women's circles and art workshops to retreat venues and private spaces throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.  

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Our Workshops

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The workshop was such a nice experience. Kathleen provides a fun and safe environment. I felt very connected to spirit through the meditations and dancing. I was able to connect with deep feelings of love that lasted for hours.



I felt so safe and yet stretched through this fun and enlivening exploration through painting, movement, meditation, breath, writing, sharing…I loved being given permission to express myself through the above modalities and found myself feeling and expressing creatively in ways that surprised me. As I write this I still feel the aliveness and a very surprising desire to paint! Something I had shut down in early life. Thank you Kathleen for being such a wonderful, clear, and skilled guide.

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I really enjoyed this class. The painting was my favorite part. I’ve never painted before in my life! I was really excited by my results. The class opened me up completely and was comfortable with how vulnerable I felt. I left with a feeling of being relaxed and connected. I would highly recommend this class to anyone.

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