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Soul Call Workshops,

I'm Kathleen Spaulding, the creator, and facilitator of Soul Call Workshops.  These workshops are for you if you are a woman who wants to tune into your inner creativity, shake off old patterns or limiting beliefs about yourself as a creative person.  If you know you are meant for more and feel a hunger to connect with your inner soul call, come join our community and experience others holding space for your own unique expression in a nurturing environment of loving acceptance.     

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My Story

Ten years ago I was a stressed-out mom of two teenagers and a full-time drama teacher, I had more drama in my life than I could handle.  I sought out some relief by taking a meditation class.  This was the beginning, the opening of my heart and the journey to connect to my soul self.  From there, I became a certified yoga and meditation instructor.  I have always enjoyed art, but never really made time for it in my busy schedule.  As I began to prioritize my own peace and personal growth, I carved out time for myself to nurture this need, traveling to Italy to learn more about transformational art practices.  I began to understand how tapping into these subtle energies within us unleashes a Divine creativity that resides within us all.  Another major life transition brought me to Mexico, where I live and work.  Here is where the inspiration for bringing together all of these modalities to raise consciousness into a format that I can share with other women was born. In the fall of 2023 I became a certified Sistership Circle facilitator for supportive women's circles.  I now offer both women's circles and art workshops to retreat venues and private spaces throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.  

Why You Should Join Soul Call Workshop

Want to play and be creative?  Maybe you are feeling burnt out, lacking inspiration. A long time ago or even as a child, you loved the time you spent being creative, but now life is so busy and time-consuming. It’s hard to connect with that flow state that makes you feel alive. Finding ways to connect with other women is also hard. Our friends are so busy and getting together for coffee is a major scheduling feat. We may be lacking confidence, feel judged, or even judge ourselves. Wouldn’t it be freeing to be in an environment of other women whom you know you can trust to hold space for you however you show up? You can reconnect with your creative self.


You can access the divine flow of inspiration that is in all of us. Buried below the surface of all of life’s demands, is that still, small voice who wants to be heard. Give yourself the gift of listening to her and creating from the soul.

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